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Certificate of Merit Information


—  October 1:  Registration Opens. There are many changes this year. Please make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to run into problems! new.mtac.org

—  October 31:  Registration Closes at 11:59 P.M.  No exceptions!

—  November 1-10:  CM fee payment period. Parents must pay directly online.

—  October 1-January 15:  Repertoire Entry period

—  January 2-15: Submit student schedule requests

—  J           January 15: Last chance for Panel students to revert to non-Panel status

—  January 28: Teacher work schedules emailed out

—  February 1: CM evaluation schedules available for teachers and students.

—  February 18: Make-up theory day (email Branch Chair if your student can’t make 2/25)

—  February 25: Piano CM evaluations at homes (8 rooms)

—  February 25: Theory day at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Saratoga 9:00-4:00

—  February 26: Piano CM evaluations at homes (studio if needed) (7 rooms)

—  February 26: Violin and Cello CM evaluations at TBD

—  March 4: Flute CM evaluations at Larry’s

—  March 10: Deadline for Panel Final Application

—  March 11: Branch Honors Recitals at Prince of Peace. Time TBD

—                 April  3: Theory materials released to teachers

—                        April 15: Convention Application Deadline  ($30.00 Convention App. Fee due per student) 

—               April 15: Deadline to apply for Make-up Evaluations (for high school students only with a valid excuse)

—               May 15: Deadline for completion of Performance Make Up Evaluations

—   May 31:  Last day to check for student results errors

—  June 30 to July 5: Convention at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency and Convention Center



Registration reminders (see Appendix A of the CM Policies for instructions): 

Check registration information CAREFULLY! After October 31, not even the Branch Chair can make changes. 

 Student Name (with correct capitalization and in the correct order

 Instrument 

CM Level 

 School Grade 

 Student date of birth 

 Panel/Young Artist Guild (if applicable) 

 Senior Award (if applicable) 

 For Panel/YAG: Student phone number and email 

 Send one check (made out to Los Altos MTAC) for all your students and all paperwork to Nancy Jensen by November 1. 

 CM Students > Student List 

 CM Students > Student Fees List 

 We don't need the one with the students and fees listed together. 

Reminder: Branch Honor is now for ALL students, ALL levels. However, only Level 7, Grade 7 students or above can be selected to perform in the Branch Honors recital. 

CM Repertoire Entry (see Appendix B of the CM Policies for instructions): 

Composer Name. Composer’s FIRST and LAST name must be included. 

Title. Title should include key signature and catalogue number, e.g. BWV, Op., K., L., Hob. 

Movement. Movement should indicate Tempo, e.g. “Allegro” and not “First Movement.” 

Syllabus Citation. Required Syllabus Piece must be as listed in the Syllabus and include the page number on which the piece appears in the Syllabus. 

Chronological or Performance Order. Preferably, repertoire should be entered either by historical chronology or in order of performance. 

Repertoire entry reminders: 

 Check spelling, capitalization, etc. 

 Make sure proper CM requirements are met: 

 Correct number of pieces 

 Historical categories/Composers 

 All repertoire is at the student’s CM Level or above 

 If you're not sure if a piece qualifies as an "acceptable" CM piece, ask your Branch Chair or choose a different piece 

 Optional: Request Day and Time of Evaluation (on the database entry) 

 If you have a specific time request besides just AM or PM, email Lori or Nancy. 

 The sooner we get your request, the more likely we'll be able to honor it. 

 Fill out the carpool information for siblings. Check the box for "Carpool group?", then put in ONE of the students' usernames for all members of the carpool group 

If in doubt about anything, ask your Branch Chair

Ineligible for Certificate rating (students who have non-performance related issues): 

 Reasons for IC rating: 

 Incorrect repertoire categories, syllabus piece or no syllabus piece 

 Played technique from incorrect syllabus or level 

 Piano students: Advanced Level Etude not from the required Etude list in the Piano Syllabus 

 Performed “unacceptable repertoire” as listed in the syllabus 

 Students who receive an IC rating may advance to the next level. 

 IC does not affect Senior Award or Panel eligibility. 

 Students who receive IC are not eligible for Convention/Branch Honors. 

Ineligible for Convention/Branch Honors recitals 

 Student does not bring music or does not have a second original score for the evaluator if the piece is not memorized (strings must have a second copy of the etude as well) 

 Performance did not meet the required Evaluator ratings and/or theory score 

 Repertoire performed was not listed in the Evaluation Report Form 

 English translation of the Title and Composer for music in a foreign language not provided. 

Automatic Remain at Level (RAL) not related to performance: 

 Sight Reading: Refuses to Attempt (legally blind students exempt) 

 Technique: None prepared or cannot play without notation 

 Piano Students: Required Advanced Level Etude not memorized 

 Required number of pieces not correct (ALL must be entered on the database) 

 Memory requirement not met 

 Student (or accompanist) brings a photocopy or music reproduced from a CD or the Internet without a logo, the source (URL) or other proof of legal ownership