Outstanding Senior Awards

Outstanding Senior Award:

For the past several years our branch has presented Outstanding Senior Awards. As many as three graduating seniors will be awarded a total of $300. The awarded students must agree to perform in the May branch recital at which time the awards will be granted.

To apply, the graduating seniors must submit the following two items:

1) A brief list of branch activities one has done in the past 9th-12th grade years that include CM honor recitals, branch recitals, masterclasses. 

    And/OR, A list of earned awards, CM, or festivals one has attended.

2) A short essay (no longer than three pages). It's a musical autobiography of the applicant explaining the importance of their music study along with the overall influence that music has had in their lives. All other musical activities not mentioning from the previous list can be included such as participating in ensemble groups, community services, etc. 

Teachers recommendations are not necessary and would not be weighed upon in review process.

The application should be submitted via email to karenlpeng@yahoo.com by January 30th, 2015.